Hotel In Cirebon With 4-Star To Book

Where will you go for the next holiday? If it is Cirebon, here are some places to visit, such as, Kampung Batik Trusmi (Batik Trusmi Village) where you can buy batik with Cirebon characteristic. Another place, Kanoman Palace can be a good place to visit, moreover, those who curios about the story of the past and various other places. After deciding things that you want to do, it is also important to give your concern toward place to stay. When it comes to holiday plan, it is not merely about places to enjoy, but also places to stay, lean back, and relax after all of the things that you did the whole day.

However for this case, you better not simply choose any place, as it will affect your moment in Cirebon. Fortunately, hotels in Cirebon is somehow affordable, either you want hotels in Cirebon 4-star or the standard one. Speak for hotels with 4-star in Cirebon, they are Aston Cirebon Hotel & Convention Center and Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon. Starting from Aston Cirebon Hotel & Convention Center, this is a good option if you spend your holiday in Cirebon with your family. The facility is complete, and the room is large. In addition, it has minimalist futuristic as the bedroom decor.

If you have no time to wander around Cirebon, but prefer to stay at hotel, either you and your kidns will never get bored for the facility that is provided there from open-air swimming club, kids clubs, and so on. If you consider this one, per night you need to pay IDR 584,439. The last one is Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon. Staying there you need only to pay about IDR 471,926. Apart from the comfortableness that you get from the service inside the hotel, if you are culinary enthusiasts this hotel is what you need.

The reason is not because for the foods which you can access through the restaurants that are available inside the hotel, but the fact that you can even find any kind of restaurants with distinctive menus you’ll love. So then if you consider vacation is another way to enjoy different food, this hotel is worth booking. Above anything else, if you want to experience all of the benefits previously mentioned, ensure that you consider a good site to book hotel in Cirebon online like Mister Aladin. Apart from hotel information, the site ensure that you get good hotel with good price you can afford.


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Party Buses for Any Group Occasion

Limos are nice, but party buses are nicer. You have to crouch down and climb into limos. You can just walk up into a party bus. You are pretty much stuck where you are seated even in a big limousine. However, in a party bus you can get up and walk around. Formal clothes, especially wedding and prom gowns, get less wrinkled when you do not have to climb over the other people riding in the limo. This is why we looked at the fleet of party buses at for our wedding.

We liked the fact that we could rent a bus and professional driver that was just the right size for our wedding party. We got the 25 person party bus that had plenty of room leftover for our party of 12. Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why An Island Vacation Is An Ideal Trip

One of the most common dreams for those planning a trip is to escape from the world. There are many ways to do this, from remote camping to cruises. An island vacation can provide the same escape in an incredibly relaxing environment, and here are three reasons why you should consider a getaway on a small or private key for your next vacation.

A Variety of Options

If you are like most people, when you hear the words island vacation you start thinking of the Caribbean and other exotic locations. However, the United States offers a collection of isles, cays, and keys that are as diverse as the rest of its landscape. In fact, in America alone there are over 18,000 named islands. Alaska offers more than 2,500, many of which have hotels and rental properties. The coast of Maine is lined with isles, both small and large. The Great Lakes offer thousands more islets for campers, renters, and summer visitors. Michigan alone has more coastline than any state other than Alaska. In short, no matter what type of climate you prefer, you can find a remote getaway on an isle somewhere in the U.S.

The True Escape

When people talk about taking a break from work they say they need to get away. An island vacation offers travelers a getaway from the rest of the world in the truest sense of the word. The smaller the isle, the greater the escape. Many of the smaller pieces of land have no private cars, and in some cases no roads at all. All food and supplies have to be brought in by boat, making simplicity the order of the day. Visitors don’t have to deal with traffic or noise pollution. The wind and waves are the loudest sounds to be heard in the evenings. If you like the company of people you can visit one of the larger islets that has a permanent community. They often offer events such as ice cream socials, scavenger hunts, dances, and movie watching parties. Smaller pieces of land sometimes host only a single house for those who value their privacy.

A Variety of Activities

Other than shopping, the most popular activity for people on a trip is swimming and other water sports. Fifty percent of all people on holiday list it as their number one pursuit. An island vacation is an ideal location to engage in these types of activities and more. In Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico, snorkeling, surfing, and rum-based cocktails are the order of the day. New England provides beautiful boating, and wonderful seafood and Alaska offers extraordinary fishing and hunting opportunities for the sportsman.

In conclusion, stop dreaming of a getaway on an isle in the middle of the sea. Go ahead and plan one. With locales as diverse as can be imagined, there are thousands of options. Visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of

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The Best Places for Your January 2016 Holliday

When the cold nears its peak during January, many from the Northern Hemisphere wish to escape that extreme weather and take refuge in the cities of the Southern Hemisphere or the Tropics. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from, a few of which are mentioned in this article.

However, it should be added here that the prices at most places mentioned here are at their peak during the first week of January, as people from many parts of the country are not working. During the 2nd week after the New Year, you can find hotels with the usual high season prices, but certain hotels at some of these places are available at surprisingly low prices.

The Caribbean

January is undoubtedly the busiest part of the season for the Caribbean. Prices are comparatively high, yet you may find some inexpensive options, depending on where you look for.

Of late, people seem to prefer all-inclusive hotels. However, these are mostly concentrated in a couple of places only. You can look for these particularly in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, though you may find still cheaper ones in the south of Cancun and the Mexican coast. Of course, you can save a considerable amount of money by staying in any all-inclusive resort when you are not keen to explore the whole island.

Cancun- Mexico

Cancun in January may have little rain, unlike the rest of the Caribbean. But the rain is not much of inconvenience, considering that it lasts for just about one hour. If you prefer to avoid rain and enjoy better weather, look for some resorts on the Pacific coast.

The only way to find hotels offering attractive deals is to do some research and find packages including the airfare, and book one at the earliest. It is not to say that if you make up plans at the last moment, you won’t get any accommodation in Cancun. You can still find some hotels for sure, but you may be asked to pay very high rate for a shoddy room.

Montego Bay -Jamaica

The whole of the Caribbean is expensive and heavily booked during the beginning of January. You must book at the earliest if you want to go there during early January. Montego Bay is still affordable during the rest of its high season, extending ’till April. At that time of the year, the weather is nearly perfect, allowing you to indulge in various activities, including water sports, should you not be interested in simply relaxing.

You may know that the Caribbean has one of the busiest and largest airports at Montego Bay, and offers many direct flights from various destinations. Moreover, compared to other smaller islands, the flights to Montego Bay are cheaper generally. You may find it difficult to locate very low-priced, all-inclusive packages of the kind you can expect in the Dominican Republic, yet there are a number of all-inclusive packages that offer a good value for your money.

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Top Five International Beach Destinations Abroad

Planning an international beach getaway? Let us help you choose the most popular of beaches which you need to visit before you die. We have carefully studied, observed and handpicked these exquisite beach holiday hotspots depending upon various factors such as cost, climate, nature’s delight and entertainment.

Each holiday destination on our list promises to enthrall and amaze you to the fullest with an enriching blend of water, sand and paradise. So pack your bags and be ready to fly to world’s best beaches immediately after going through the below list.


Caribbean Islands are home to undoubtedly the most exquisite of beaches across the globe. The aesthetic views that Caribbean offers is bound to delight even the dullest of men. Apart from marvels of aesthetic blue water, glistening sand and exquisite sun set, Caribbean are well known for beach parties, carnivals and beach sports such as cricket, football and volleyball. Scuba diving and jet skiing can also be experienced across the expanse of Caribbean.


The beaches on the Hawaiian coast are bound to make you want to stay there forever. Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and beach carpets when visiting the Hawaiian tropical region. From plush greenery to eternal serenity they offer a mesmerizing canopy of soaring blue sky, ever radiant sun, calm running water and scintillating sand. Water sports such as surfing and boating are essential tools for entertainment.


Another well-known beach destination for vacation abroad is the coast of Miami, Florida located in the United States. Besides magnificent blue water one can experience entrancing crew dances, beach parties and pumping music. The best part about Floridian beaches is the sunset. Also camp fires and late night parties are some of the other delights it offers.


If you are looking for a place to enjoy beach at a relatively affordable price then we suggest Thailand beaches. Clean and well maintained by the government of Thailand, these beaches offer pleasant scenery coupled with peace and serenity. The USP of these beaches is Thai massages and masseurs. Easy and affordable, beaches in Thailand are a perfect choice for international foreign holidays.


Australian beaches have a penchant for cleanliness and thus, are popular globally for the same. The temperature is hot as compared to other beach countries. However, the climate overall is pleasant and soothing. Beach and water sports such as jet-ski, surfing, kite boating and parasailing add adventure and thrill to your holiday.

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Family Vacations Leave Lasting Memories

There is always a reason to get away. Maybe you’re trying to sneak in one last hurrah before the kids head back to school. Or, maybe admiring the fall colors in a different city has been on your bucket list. And there is always a reason to escape to somewhere warm in winter.

Here are 4 reasons you should plan a family vacation:

1. Kids grow up fast.

The days of diapers don’t last long. Before you know it, your kids will be riding bikes without training wheels, hopping on the bus to middle school and then heading off to college. Make the most of the 18ish years your sons and daughters are in your care. Introduce them to the wonderful world around them. Plan educational trips as well as relaxing getaways.

The experiences children have growing up will influence the type of adult they become-adventurous and well-adjusted or sheltered and timid.

While on vacation, remember to take time to bond. There is no better time to talk about their hopes and dreams while walking along the beach.

2. It’s been a crazy year. It’s time to relax.

If your workdays are stressful, chances are that tension follows you home. Escape from the pressures at work with a family vacation.

On vacation, you’ll be away from the distractions of daily life – work, sports schedules, endless errands and a messy kitchen.

Feeling pressure to make family vacations “perfect?” So often, parents try to cram in every event and hit several destinations before the week is up that they forget the getaway is really about making the most of time together. Remember sometimes those moments sitting on the beach, sifting for seashells, are just as enjoyable as a pricey excursion to see dolphins.

3. You’re due to explore and experience something new

While it’s not necessary to hit every hotspot in your vacation destination, do make memories by trying something new. One way to experience something new is by your restaurant selection. My children remember eating at the fancy Ruth’s Chris Steak House while visiting Washington, D.C. And, anytime we travel they do a Google search to find the nearest Which Wich, a tasty sandwich shop.

Explore a new city or try a different mode of transportation on vacation. This can expose children to different ways of thinking or different ways of life. Riding the subway or walking around Time Square in New York promises to be unforgettable.

4. Create memories that last a lifetime.

When it comes down to it, your travel plans don’t need to be exotic or elaborate to be memorable. Commit to leaving your worries at home and take time for a family vacation while everyone is under one roof-and be sure to make the most of every minute. While no one will remember every detail of the vacation, all will recall the time spent there together.

At Autumn’s Promise, we know the importance of family time. Our residents’ children, grandchildren and siblings are always welcome. Guests can visit in a loved one’s spacious room or gather in the common spaces throughout the facility.

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Travel Tips For Family With Kids

Family vacations are special times of the year, but they can be very challenging for parents to get through. Air travel is especially difficult and can be the cause of significant levels of stress for the entire family. Unfortunately for many types of vacation there is no way around going through an airport and flying by private jet is beyond most of our wildest dreams.

However, there are a couple of things that you can do to make the airport experience less stressful and not be a cause of arguments. The following points are very simple to plan for and will not result in significant increases in costs. Ultimately the trade-off will be a much happier day of travelling.

1) Book Your Seats In Advance

To avoid being separated in different rows and even parts of the plane you should always pre-book your seats. While young babies up to the age of 2 usually are seated on a parent’s lap, this is not the case with children over 2. If you are delayed in any way on your way to the airport you will not be guaranteed seats together, so make sure you plan for this in advance.

2) Allow For Extra Time

Whether you are traveling with a baby or trying to deal with teenagers you will have to allow for additional time at the airport. Passing through security will take longer the more people you are travelling with and with heightened security procedures this can take several hours. The last thing you want to happen is to end up running to your departure gate only to be told that you have missed a flight.

3) Book Into An Airport Lounge

Especially when travelling with small children it is a lot easier to deal with an airport in one of the lounges. Most people do not know that you do not have to be travelling business class to get access to a lounge. The advantages are that for a relatively small fee you will have a closed off, quiet environment. Snacks and refreshments are also available, and many lounges have small play areas and other kid’s entertainment.

4) Have Small Surprises For The Flight

No matter how old your kids are, they will enjoy receiving a small gift. For a young child this can be as simple as a new book or pens to do some drawing. Dependent on the age the attention span will differ, so you may need to bring along a few small surprises. For older children you may need to spend a little more, e.g. on new games for a portable console or download some new music tracks ahead of time to listen to.

5) Do Not Rush Off The Plane

When is the last time you got to the luggage belt to find that you suitcase is already there? For most people this will never have happened, so when the airplane arrives at the gate, just stay seated and wait for everyone else to push and shove their way off. Especially with young children it is not necessary to be part of that hassle of

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Top 5 Cheapest Holiday Packages of the Year

Deciding to go on holiday does mean that you have to destroy your budget. In fact, 2015 is loaded with cheap holiday destinations that anyone would be excited about. Singles, couples, and families alike will enjoy embarking on any number of these trips and make memories that will last a lifetime, all without breaking their banks.

Consider taking a trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This gorgeous city is nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia and is filled with excitement. The city does not have many skyscraper like some other Asian capitals so a lot of the fun happens on the streets. From the whizzing of scooters to the allure of the Tonle Sap promenade, there is always something to do, You can even visit villas built in the French Colonial era.

The city of Phnom Penh has a lot to offer those on holiday and you can experience everything for a great budget worthy price. Booking your trip in advance will help you secure the best rates and packages available.

If you wish to plan your holiday package during the month of February, think about going to Lima, Peru. If you like history and art, this is the getaway for you. The area is complete with a mixture of both modern and old structures and buildings. This trip is one to remember and is also easy on your wallet.

Opt for an all-inclusive package and have all the fun you want for a prepaid price that will save you a pile of money. Visit the City of Kings or the whimsical Electricity Museum. If you are more into lounging by the water, sit at the beachside Barranco and sip on cocktails. Don’t worry, if you purchased an all-inclusive holiday package, you can drink all of the adult beverages you would like.

If you are up for a child-free vacation with the one you love or perhaps just a group of friends, New Orleans, USA is the trip for you. You will want to book your trip in March during the Mardi Gras celebration. New Orleans is place for tourists who enjoy a good party every single night of the week. Surprisingly, it is not terribly expensive to visit this amazing French inspired city.

New Orleans is a great 2015 cheap holiday destination and you will walk away with your bag stuffed full of beads and trinkets that parade goers love to throw at people. Nosh on some of the world’s best gumbo and enjoy the intense nightlife scene. You will want to book early for this trip as to get the best hotel prices.

When food plays a major role in where you decide to go on holiday, think about heading to Tbilisi, GA USA. This is a trip you definitely want to plan as all-inclusive to that you may eat until your heart’s content. The city has been dubbed a “gourmet paradise” as hearty portions of meat dumplings and pizza are served until patrons are bursting at the seams.

Your 2015 holiday will be a blast at this location but you might leave with a few extra inches around your waist. The city itself has been rebuilt 29 times over the years and embraces the essence of the medieval era. For a cheap holiday package price, you can pretend to be King Author or A Queen for a week or two. Don’t forget to relax in the steam of the famous thermal baths while you are there.

Lastly, consider spending July in Budapest, Hungary. You can seriously have a great time whilst on a budget in this city. The hotels are prices amazingly and most of your transportation can be done by walking from place to place in the city. You can even find old communist heirloom in antique shops to purchase for cheap and take home with you.

Finding a holiday destination during 2015 that is affordable can easily be done by reaching out to a reputable travel operator. When you have an expert on your side, you will certainly have the trip of your dreams for a price you can afford.

Traveleze is in the business of providing travelers with the cheapest rates in the travel and holiday industry. The company wants their clients to have a wonderful experience when on holiday and they want them to be able to book their means of transportation and lodging for affordable prices. Traveleze promises secure travel, flexibility, and great deals.

The company provide excellent customer support to all of their clients, even during off hours. The team is dedicated to helping customers find the best deals and rates available in order to make their holiday a success. Each staff member at Travelezehas been specially trained in customer service and has numerous years of experience.

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4 Things to Do in Paris

Paris attractions for the first time visitors are likely to include Notre-Dame, Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. But, there are numerous other lesser known attractions that are certain to appeal to most people’s interests. Paris is rich in attractions with a choice to attend opera, explore districts, visit the high-end stores, and tour museums. Making a sightseeing itinerary before arriving in this wonderful capital city makes it easier to explore more of the great attractions.

Here are four of the more interesting things to do in Paris:

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is an iconic building which took 200 years to build and was finished in 1345. It is one of the must-see attractions in Paris and centrally placed to make it easy to visit. Also, because of its location and fame it usually gets a lot of daily foot-traffic. It is free to enter the main cathedral, but for those wishing to climb the 387 steps to reach the top for its great surrounding views it is necessary to pay a small charge. Other attractions in this Gothic styled cathedral are the underground crypt which is filled with ancient remains and medieval structures.

Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens is a warm-weather oasis with wide open spaces and the second largest park (60 acres) in this capital city. This well-maintained landscape garden is filled with fountains, monuments, statues, and formal gardens. It is perfect place to get away from the busy main attractions in the city and unwind with a picnic or read a book. Plus, there are many activities for the kids with ponies to ride and sailboats to float.

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

The Pere-Lachaise cemetery opened in 1804, spans over 100 acres, and the largest cemetery in Paris. It is one of the most visited cemeteries on the planet and has 70,000 ornate tombs, graves, and memorials. Some of the more famous people laid to rest here include Jim Morrison of The Doors, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, and Georges Rodenbach. Visit the conservation office to collect a cemetery map to make it easier to find the tombs of interest.


The Sainte-Chapelle is a 13th century chapel with beautiful architecture that includes a richly decorated ceiling and intricate stain-glass windows. This medieval Gothic-styled chapel is one place that should feature on any well planned what to do in Paris list and needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

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5 Things to Do In London

Many of the top-rated London tourist attractions are free to enjoy, and include the British Museum, National Gallery, Royal Parks, and the Science Museum. Whether you prefer exhibits with modern art or history, there are certain to be numerous places to explore to match the personal interests. Here are five of the great things to do in London

British Museum

The British Museum is a world-famous site with a wide range of exhibits that have been sourced from across the world and includes prehistoric to modern items. Some of the best exhibits include the ancient Egypt collection with the mummies, the Rosetta Stone, and Vindolanda tablets. Most of the exhibitions and displays are free to visit, although there are special events held in the museum that require tickets. This world-famous museum gets up to 6 million visitors passing through its doors annually.

National Gallery

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is home to one of the finest collections of art in the world. This art museum was originally founded in 1824 and since then has built up a collection of 2,400 paintings which date between the 13th and 19th century. Some of the iconic masterpieces include work from famous artists like da Vinci, Renoir, Botticelli, Stubbs, Titian, and Van Gogh.

Science Museum

The Science Museum makes it possible to experience, touch, and see some of the most fascinating scientific advances that have taken place in the last 300-years. From psychology to space travel, there is certain to be something for the entire family to enjoy. It is a major attraction with nearly 3.2 million visitors exploring the exhibits each year. Other features include the awesome Imax cinema, special events, and a gift shop.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a world-famous fortress and royal palace. A visit to this historic castle gives a perfect opportunity to learn about its captivating history that dates back over 900 years. It is possible to learn about its past and modern function, from housing the Crown Jewels to a place of prison and execution.

Madame Tussauds London

A visit to Madame Tussauds makes it possible to get up close and personal to some of the most famous faces in the world. From One Direction to Shakespeare, it will be possible to see some of the most notable figures from history, including royalty, politics, sport, and showbiz. This is one of the places to visit in London that gets busy so it benefits to go early in the day to avoid most of the manic crowds and queues.

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